Oddly, I never thought about marbling nail polish until I saw it in a few blogs. It's one of my new favorite things!! I painted my nails Thursday night, and couldn't decide on just one combination -- so I did five.

So, it's pretty horrible when it's close up. A lot of polish I had to get off of my cuticles, TONS of bubbles (didn't get those until I applied my top coat) -- but, for my first attempt, I'm okay with them. I love the colors -- they certainly brighten your mood, especially in this gloomy weather!

I'm still trying to figure out how to best photograph my nails. My camera is a few years old, so I'm sure it has a lot to do with that. Eventually I'll get a new camera, but for now this will have to suffice.

I tried out a new tip I learned (I believe it was polishaddict.com) and it's working fabulously! As I applied my top coat, I put a quick swipe across the top of my tips, and it's really minimized tip wear! For it being two days old, I have two small spots on a couple nails. Usually by now, I have major tip wear. Pretty fantastic!




As I've gone through blogs, I've written down my favorite polishes. I went back over them and decided to save a picture of each. Here's my list:


<--Breathe Life

Dating A Royal-->

<--Glamour Game

Glove You So Much-->

<--Glow-Ink In The Dark

Greenwich Village-->

<--Holiday Glow

I Only Drink Champagne-->

<--I'm Fondue Of You

La Boheme-->

<--Love Me Tender

Merry Midnight-->

<--Midnight In Moscow

My Daddy's The King-->

<--Plugged In Plum


<--Queen Of West Web-erly

Reflecting Pool-->

<--Visions of A Sugarplum [[credit to random.com]]

[[China Glaze]]

<--2Nite [[from flickr]]


<--Atelier Tulle [[credit to alllacqueredup.com]]

Atlantis [[from flickr]]-->

<--Branding Iron

Caribbean Blue-->

<--Cowgirl Up

Ghoulish Glow [[credit to: frantasticmakeup.com]]-->

<--Gussied Up Green [[credit to vampyvarnish.com]]


<--Lasso My Heart

Let's Do It In 3D [[from flickr]]-->

<--Matte Magic

Prize Winning Mare-->

<--Rodeo Fanatic

Side Saddle-->

<--Unplugged [[credit to alllacqueredup.com]]

Vintage Crepe [[credit to thisnext.com]]-->

<--Wagon Trail


<--Yee-Haw! [[credit to academiedolores.com]]

[[China Glaze Collections]]

[[credit to nailsandlashescitymax.com]]

[[credit to sickathanaverage.com]] I am IN LOVE with Ruby Pumps.

I would pretty much kill for any (preferably all!) of these collections!


<--Adoree - 243 [[credit to polishaddict.com]]

Adoree - Capri Sea [[credit to polishaddict.com]]-->

<--Adoree - Riding Hood [[credit to polishaddict.com]]

Color Club - Revvvolution [[credit to scrangie.com]]-->

<--Color Club - Ultra Violet

Color Club - Wild At Heart-->

<--Diamond Cosmetics - Cherry Tobacco [[credit to vampyvarnish.com]]

INM - Northern Lights Hologram Top Coat in Silver-->

<--Lancome - Le Magnetique (ALL colors) [[credit to frmheadtotoe.com]]

MAC - Peppermint Patti [[credit to alllacqueredup.com]]-->

<--Misa - Candy Girl

Misa - Sweet Pleasure [[credit to shadowylady.blogspot.com]]-->

<--Manglaze - Matte Is Murder [[credit to vampyvarnish.com]]

Misa - Sugar Daddy [[credit to vampyvarnish.com]]-->

<--Misa - Toxic Seduction [[from flickr]]

Misa - High Waist Hue [[credit to sizbelle.blogspot.com]]->

<--NARS - Purple Rain [[credit to scrangie.com]]

NFU Oh 51 [[credit to vampyvarnish.com]] (I must have this.)-->

<--Nubar - Essence [[credit to vampyvarnish.com]]

Nubar - Pasadena Purple (The polish that started it all!) [[credit to miscfinds4u.com]]-->

<--Orly - Dazzle

Orly - Opal Hope [[from flickr]]-->

<--Piggy Polish - Lily's Pad [[credit to scrangie.com]]

Pure Ice - Strapless [[from flickr]]-->

<--Zoya - Cassi

PHEW! That's a lot! And the list grows constantly, but there's the majority of my newest loves. Cheeto and I share many of the same favorites, and she's actually already gotten a chance to order some! JEAL. I found it interesting that for the most part, if the polishes weren't OPI or China Glaze, they were SUPER hard to find images for on Google! I also want to apologize for the alignment of this list! I'm a perfectionist/have slight OCD and it's driving me NUTS -- but I'd never get it posted if I kept fiddling with it. Once I learn more tricks or have more time, I'll probably come back and edit.


*Disclaimer: I went to Google images and saved from there. If I know it was from a particular blog, I've credited that blog. If you are the owner of one of the images I didn't credit you, or you'd prefer for your image not to be used, please let me know. I mean no harm!