Fresh Craze.

One of my best friends and I have suddenly fallen to a new obsession: nail polish. We were talking about movies, and started discussing He's Just Not That Into You. Cheeto mentioned that she has been looking for the exact purple polish Gigi is wearing in the movie. Being the avid Google-searcher that I am, I searched for the color and, magically, there it was! I sent her the link via FaceBook, and haven't looked back since. Now our conversations consist mostly about nail polishes we have discovered and must have, where to buy them, and linking blogs back and forth to one another.

While reading no less than three different blogs at the same time, ideas and thoughts started flowing to my mind. I'm the type of person who cannot rest until the thoughts are out, and I figured where best to vent them than to a blog? I'm not looking to be the next big "nail blogger", or to even have anyone read this. It's for me to get out my ideas, and to communicate with Cheeto, since she is far too busy with school (as I am with work), and the one hour drive is scarily too long. We are planning a beauty day as soon as possible to share our newest finds with each other, but until then, I plan to go through all of what I currently own and sort through some new ideas that I have.

Currently my fingers and toes look like this:

Sorry for the poor quality, due to both a cheap camera and having yet to learn the knack of taking great nail photos, but I will get the hang of it!

For now, I shall go... goodnight to all!


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