A little background

Some may find it strange to start a blog when I'm so new to the nail polish obsession, but when something catches my attention enough to become an obsession, it is going to be one for quite a while. There are many, many things that I have yet to learn, but as I figure them out, I will share for anyone else in my shoes. I'm not a nail technician, nor am I apart of the cosmetic/nail world professionally -- I'm just a girl that loves to learn about new colors and techniques to keep my nails looking amazing and fun at all times.

I was a notorious nail biter for most of my life, only in the last two years have I stopped biting them. Since I've let them grow, I've learned that they are super strong! I have shorter nail beds, so I have to grow my nails a bit longer than I may otherwise, so it's good that they're so strong. Some of my nails (mainly my thumbs) have horizontal ridges that make it hard to evenly apply polish. I'm hoping the more I paint and experiment I'll learn a way to help the issue.

I am quite the DIY-er -- from hair to crafts to furniture -- you name it. I love accomplishing things on my own, knowing I created it. I've put acrylics on my own nails before, and having never done acrylics on anyone before, I think I did a decent job. Now that my nails are longer, though, I don't want to ruin them, so if I ever do acrylics again, I will take notes and figure out a way to do them better.

There are some questions/information I am curious about and will post my findings once I find them. For now, here is what I'm researching:

*Tips for keeping skin from splitting.
~My skin randomly peels around my nailbeds, yet my cuticles are usually fine.
*What moisturizers work best/how often to use them.
*Tips on clean nail polish application/removal -- no bubbles!
*What is the purpose of a fortifier?
~The Lord & Taylor one I used was horrible. Granted it could be due to it being old, but it was clumpy & hairy. I have an OPI clear coat foritifer, but is there a difference with that being clear and the L&T being white?

I'm also looking for four polishes in particular:
*A dark maroon -- I watch People's Court and Judge Millian had a dark maroon and I've been on the hunt ever since.
*A sheer white -- I had one that I got in a set from my cousin years ago, I loved the effect it had on colors, but I have yet to find one to catch my eye.
*A hot pink -- I'm not much of a pink person, but I want to get that perfect bright shade of hot pink.
*I remember a few years ago there was a polish that changed with the temperature. Not sure if they're still made, but they were fun.

Off to get some research done!


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