Too long!

Wow, I can't believe it's been so long since I posted last! I have a folder full of pictures that need posting. I hate the desktop because I feel so disconnected from my family when I'm on it -- I really need to get my laptop fixed. My goal (whether or not I shall achieve it has yet to be seen) is to get on the computer tonight and bust out a post. Not that this is read by anyone, but still, it settles my brain.

My current excitement is that I have the entire Poolside collection in my hands in this very moment! I am so excited. Currently my toes are adorned with Kiwi Cool-Ada and my fingers with Sun Worshipper. P can't get over how bright it is, she was quite alarmed when I pulled the colors out of the box, haha. At work, my gay husband said "WOW, those are some bright nails!" Indeed, they are. They are fantastic and make me look so tan! I hope the weather holds up this weekend so we can actually go to the doggie beach, instead of getting rained out like this past weekend.

For now, I must work. Until tonight!


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