Holo Holo Everywhere!

I was SO EXCITED for this mani!

Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Plus - Base & Top Coat, Icing - Matte Top Coat, Orly - Liquid Vinyl, Cover Girl - City Lights, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - In The Spotlight, My franken - Holo Heaven.

The sun wasn't super cooperative today (I blame Tropical Depression 16... no, Tropical Storm Nicole... no, the dissipated clouds... whatever you are!). Also, the moon was still out this morning!

This really shows the different types of glitter -- especially the bar glitter.

I tried different angles to show the differences. From L-R: City Lights, Holo Heaven (matte), In The Spotlight, City Lights (matte) & Holo Heaven. I loved this!!!! So many elements... I just wish there was more sun today so I could have enjoyed it more.


Gah! So gorg & distracting. I loved it. I think next time I would go with just one holo and probably layer more. This was two coats of each, and I pretty much wanted to see what the differences between all of the glitters was once on the nail. Not because it's mine, but I loveeeee my holo more than the others! I like the larger glitter, but not as large as the bar glitter.

If this wasn't enough excitement, I'm excited for tomorrow's NOTD, too! =)



NOTD; Franken!

Rock on, Florida, rock on.

This is one of my favorite polishes EVER -- Nicole by OPI - Show You Care. It's a great dark, vampy purple that has some shimmer in the sunlight. I bought it after I saw Jenny Garth's character, Valerie, on What I Like About You sporting a gorgeous dark purple. I immediately found this color and have been in love ever since.


For an added shimmer, I added Sally Hansen - Diamonds over it. I thought I'd be IN LOVE with this, but I wasn't. I didn't get the sparkle and shimmer I expected. It may be because I did this sloppily (I added the shimmer in the car before work) and also because I didn't have a top coat. I'll give it another try, so we'll see.

We hardly had any sun ALLLLL day, but then it came out for the sunset!!! Grrr... but at least it was gorgeous!

I was hoping to be able to fit all of this (L)in that (R), but the drawers aren't tall enough! =( My polishes def don't fit nicely in my container anymore, observe:

This is my new bottle of Icing - Matte Top Coat. I loveeeeeeee it! I've been doing a lot of random experimenting and it's so fun! It really can spice up your mani -- especially when you need it to last just a day or two longer but you want something different. Thank you, Cheeto, for picking it up!!

My first frankens ever! Cheeto brought me her huge container of holo glitter and I put it in a bottle of NYC - Clear Topcoat. (94 cents!!!!! Can't beat it. I'll always use NYC for anything that I'm going to franken -- if you mess up, you only spent 94 cents!) I loveeeeeeeee it. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I don't know how I lived without it. It's AH-MAZ-INGGGGG! Then I got antsy to make more, so I took some glitter from my arts and crafts bins and put them into clear polishes that I didn't use/like anymore. In the INM bottle I added green glitter with some of Ulta - Limelight; In the base coat bottle I added yellow glitter and Ulta - Sun-Sational ; & in the top coat bottle I added purple glitter and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Deep Purple. So far I like them, I haven't used them, but I put them on a piece of paper towel (as you can see). I can't wait to do more frankens!!


Ulta + B&BW haul; First sponge mani!

P & I went to Ulta AND Bath & Body Works today -- not good times for our wallets, but we are very excited! Hurrah for sales!

Cheeto came over yesterday and taught me how to do the awesome sponge manis she does! I loveee how they look on her, I did quite a crummy job. P said it reminded her of the 70's haha. The first two are plain sponge mani, the last is with my newly frankened holo top coat! My thumb has my new Icing - Matte Top Coat on it as well. (I reallllly wish you could see the magic in my photos! Just know it's there.) I loveee the matte top coat & alsoooooo I LOVE MY FRANKENED HOLO TOP COAT. Ahh! Thank you, Cheetoooo!

Oh -- this is done with Hard Candy - Frenzy & Ulta - Sun-Sational.

I thought my other stash pics and franken pics posted, but they didn't. =( I'll have to upload them with my NOTD photos tonight when I get home.

Until then


New Polishes!

I went to Walgreens and I was right, they don't carry Milani. Bummer, but probably a good thing. Why? Because I picked up seven new other polishes!

(no flash & flash)
L-R Sinful Colors - Secret Admirer, See You Soon, Mercury Rising, Courtney Orange, & This Is It; Del Sol - Rock Star & Ruby Slipper.

I had already figured I'd pick up the Sinful Colors Colors of Darkness collection, so the first three are from that. (They didn't have the full collection today and I already own What's Your Name? from years ago, so I'll just go back in a couple weeks.) Courtney Orange is from the Haunted collection, and I do like how it's a dark orange, but the main reason I had to get should be quite obvious to those who know me personally. ;) I loveeee this yellow, it's different, so i hope it lives up to what I want it to be.

What I'm most excited about is Del Sol -- they're new at my Walgreens and they have a big display case. I happened to walk by and the lady behind the counter showed me Ruby Slippers and I had. to. have. it. They are polishes that change color in the sun & they're 2/$10 so of course I had to pick up a second! After a lot of debate, I ended up with Rock Star because I really want something that has a lot of contrast (the color of the hibiscus on the bottle is the color it turns in the sun). I've heard mixed reviews on these, but I had to try them for myself. I can't wait to put these on!

Sadly, I'm at work & there is no sun outside. It's a gloomy day here in Florida. Saddd. I'll definitely try them out this weekend though! Guess I'll get back to work. Later, gator.



Today is going to be very busy before I even get to work! I have an important phone call @ 11:15, then I have to run to the bank, go to Walgreens, then Ulta. At Walgreens I'm looking to see if they have the Milani HD collection... I may have to check out CVS because I'm not actually sure if I've ever seen Milani there. Hmm. I was wanting to get the HD collection before the summer even began, but never did. Lately, Glammed-up has been posting manis with polishes from the collection and it rekindled my need. There's Grand Opening events at the new Ulta by my work (like I need one by my work AND home) and my friend is actually working there! She's giving me the inside scoop and word on the street is that they are giving away free samples today -- holla!

Off to do all of that & then work! Phew! Will report my findings!



Holy Ahoy!

Haha, oh man... Cheeto and her auto-correct are so funny. Seriously, she makes me laugh so much every single day.

Anyway, that's quite fitting since the reasoning for this post is just to voice my disbelief that A) today is the first day of autumn and B) there's only 99 days left in 2010!! This year is really flying by -- before you know it, it'll be Christmas! We are in DOUBLE DIGITS! Obviously, I'm floored by this. My favorite month (October)is coming up, though, so I'm quite excited! Also, it's the first day of autumn. AUTUMN. I wish it FELT like autumn -- it's currently 93 degrees! I love autumn, I love the cool crisp air that is perfect for a tshirt & jeans and sometimes a light hoodie. Unfortunately we only get those days maybe three times a year. *sigh*

Today many people were born -- a couple of good friends and my uncle! My friend CGB (who is a hoot, she's so crazy but so sweet) whose birthday is today brought up a good point yesterday -- people born around this time of September are actually Christmas presents. Yup! Conceived on/right around Christmas. She's clearly quite proud of this revelation, haha. I find it humorous, myself, except for when I think about Nana conceiving for Christmas and then I just get the jeebies.

No NOTD for me today -- I'm still *gasp* wearing Ruby Pumps! I don't care how much tipwear I get or that I messed up a couple of nails when they were still wet, I LOVE THIS POLISH. I'm sad, I know... but I'm also lazy. ;)




Hello all! I know I've been slacking on posting a bit, and I'm sorry! I did soooo many swatches on Monday, I felt fulfilled, but then Cheeto so nicely reminded me that just because I swatched, doesn't mean that I can go without updating at all! So here I am, with my NOTD for the past three (yup! 3!) days -- China Glaze - Ruby Pumps. I'm so madly in love with this polish that I also have it as my pedi! I did three coats, though it really only needs two. I just added a third because I wanted even more red sparkle!

These pictures DO NOT do this polish justice -- AT ALL! =( Here's a video trying to capture it's beauty & sparkle... (please ignore my seemingly crazy fingers that are high on crack, I was apparently REALLY trying to show all of the crazy sparkle! Haha)

Told you!

Remember on September NINTH when I posted this post about my pedi? I was going to follow up on how long my pedi would last. Well, it was painted on the 9th, and I removed it on the 20th. There's a bit of tipwear, but it really could have lasted a week or two longer! I only wrecked my experiment because I had to have Ruby Pumps on instead.

Hope this helps you, Cheeto! ;)

This weekend I hope to finish my swatching and get all of these pictures edited then I can post-post-post awayyyyyyy!



Hi guys! I'm doing a test run of the whole... Posting from your phone thing. It'll make simple posts much easier since P & I are currently sharing a computer and all I do is work all week. I've included a picture of my pride & joy, my two fur kids. They're getting used to each other, finally. Aren't they adorable?

Luckily today I had some down time and was able to swatch 6 polishes. I started over since I'm not happy with my original swatches, though I didn't redo the blacks since they showed their true selves in their original post. I'm hoping to get a ton of swatching done tomorrow so I can finally start posting & reviewing them. For now, though, I'm off to play some LEGO Harry Potter with P. Goodnight, friends.



Swatching Saturday...

... sadly became Errands Saturday. I didn't get home until after the sun had started it's descent, which is probably for the best, anyway, since my camera sucks. I took out my digital camera to see if maybe it magically fixed itself, but nope -- it doesn't want to stay on. =( The lens won't even go in. *sigh* RIP Samsung, you were great to me.

I'm still going to have P look at it just incase, but I'm pretty sure it's dead forever.

Does anyone have the Sinful Colors - Colors of Darkness collection?? I saw it at Walgreens the other day, and I wasn't sure if it was worth it. I know they're only $2, but I'm really disappointed by What's Your Name? because the glitter just doesn't show through.

I didn't change my mani yet... it's the the cruise one that I actually did on Thursday - yikes! After my long day I didn't feel like doing anything, but I put a coat of Wet N Wild Glow In The Dark on my nails. I'll write a review once I've worn it and see how well it works. For now, though, I must say that it dried in no time, which I love.

I shall leave you with a video clip of my kitten that makes me laugh hysterically every single time I watch it.






Ulta Salon Formula - Jaded. I did this as my "Welcome Back From Your Cruise!" mani for my parents. I know it isn't very Caribbean (though they went to Mexico) but for some reason this polish screamed "cruise" to me. As you can tell, I tried very hard to capture the duochrome in this polish. It was really hard!! In the pictures it looks more blue than anything, when in reality it looks more green. To show you what it looks to me IRL, here's a picture I had as a background for my phone:

See that awesome green water? That's exactly how it looks on the nail! I love it.

This is the first time I've used an Ulta nail polish, and I had a decent experience. This is three coats; the first two were pretty sheer, but it seems like once I added the third it was at the perfect opacity.

Tomorrow is Swatching Saturday and I'm quite excited! I just wish I had a better camera. =( Soon enough.

Also, I'm new to Twitter, and I'm not quite sure how much I like it. I just started following a ton of people, and I figure I'll only use it to get other people's updates, but who knows, I may do some updates every now and then.




NYC - Fifth Avenue. After I swatched it this morning, I knew I had to wear this color. I also thought that it would be perfect as a "Good Luck Larry" mani. My parents cat (I still consider her mine as well) had surgery today for bladder stones. (She's doing great, btw!!) She's calico and beautiful... if I had more time I would have done more with this and made it look more like her. I've also determined I need non-metallic greys. All I have now are silvers that I adore, but I'd love some more variety in that color family.

What I love about this color is that it's a tan/bronze/copper that has a shimmer to it that's beautiful & has great depth. It's neutral enough, yet still can be a standout color. I'm very pleased with this polish!

Unfortunately this picture doesn't show her true tan colors, but it's just so darn cute!

Larry the girl cat. (We did not name her, her previous family named their cats after the three stooges; gender clearly wasn't an issue.)


Comparison Post

Ahh, my first comparison post! I feel like I'm finally legit -- I have enough polishes I'm finding what may be dupes! (And yes, I am lame, haha.)

Before I continue, I must apologize at how horrible these pictures are!!! Not only is my mani pretty sloppy (which I didn't notice until I reviewed the pictures and had already changed my mani), but this camera is horrid! It seems remarkably worse on this comparison pictures than on any other pictures I've taken. You really can't see what I'm talking about, so I'm sorry! I'm looking at cameras now and hope to get one in the next couple of weeks. I can't keep doing this.


This is China Glaze - Ruby Pumps (in earlier posts I called it Ruby Red Pumps... whoops!) & Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Red Carpet. The bottles are actually reverse of how my nails are painted. Ruby Pumps is on my middle and pinky & Red Carpet is on my pointer and ring fingers. I was really hoping I'd found the polish that made me say "Ruby Pumps who?" but alas, I cannot. Though the differences are minor, I've come to the conclusion that nothing can compare. Ruby Pumps has more depth in color, and more glitter (ever so slightly, I may add.) I think Red Carpet would be great over another red to help deepen it's color. Overall, if you're looking for something similar to Ruby Pumps and possibly more accessible, definitely go for Red Carpet; it's a great red glitter. If you're like me and fell in love with Ruby Pumps the second you saw the promo, I would suck it up and just purchase it -- nothing will ever live up to it's amazingness.

(A very special THANK YOU to Cheeto for letting me borrow Ruby Pumps! Now I must purchase my own!)


I'm completely shocked by this comparison. When I originally thought that NYC - Fifth Avenue was a dupe to Milani - Brown-a-licious, I came home and compared the bottles. There was a slight difference, Milani looked a slight shade darker than NYC -- I knew they're be a difference, but I didn't expect this much of a difference. Milani is on my pinky & middle fingers; NYC on ring & pointer. Now I'm REALLY glad I got Fifth Avenue! I really like the color, and it's different than any other brown I have. It was definitely worth the $1.20 I paid for it!

(Yes I am aware that the video is upside down... I was using my left hand and clearly ended up being backwards. I like to keep you on your toes! (; )

This concludes my first comparison post! Next time, I promise to have better photos!