Not good for me; I just went onto the Nicole by OPI website and now I want to own every single color... NOW!

I have three or four polishes already and absolutely adore them, but MAN they're just so beautiful.

Something tells me I'll be going on a polish spree this weekend if I can afford it. I need Pure Ice & the Nicole by OPI Gossip Girl collection.

Cheeto -- whatcha doin' Monday? Polish shopping afternoon is a must.

Now I remember why I stopped blogging... I'm so obsessed and wish I had unlimited funds!! Agh.


Two things I must remember to do:
1. Refresh my memory on how to hyperlink websites in html.
2. Check out a thesaurus for an alternative to "adore".



  1. haha. I would loveeeee to go on a shopping spree (to ulta!!!) but unfortunately I have a meeting at 2 and I also have a shitload of homework to do for Wed so this week is not looking for for me. But if you do go - I definitely want updates!! and lots of pics!

  2. boooooooo!! =( I totally forgot about Ulta! Oh lord, that will kill my wallet! I was just thinking a Pure Ice run -- but gah! Well let me know when you can get together because I want to see you!