Hi, my name is brilliantdreamer, and I'm addicted to nail polish.

After seeing Scrangie's post of the Nicole by OPI Gossip Girl collection, I had to purchase it ASAP. I saw it at the Target by my work, so I left my apartment early so that I could stop by before work. I searched and searched to no avail. =( I was (and actually still am) upset that I didn't find it! I'll check the Target by my apartment this weekend, and hope I score there.

This is where the problem happens... I'm already in the nail polish isle... looking at polishes and getting entranced. I'm on a glitter kick so everything was catching my eye. I picked up a couple of sparkles and thought "What would this look awesome layered on?" Hmm... light pink! But wait, I don't have light pink, I just have hot pink or pink corals or pink reds! So I start a search for the perfect light pink. I head over to the N.Y.C. section because I'm trying not to spend a fortune right now... so I find not one but THREE pinks! They've updated Love Letters, and it's a shimmer now, so I had to have it. Then I picked up a pale pink and a true pink... then this beautiful brown was on clearance (clearance!) so I had to pick it up. (I have a feeling it's similar to Milani - Brown-a-licious -- I'll do a comparison later). I then saw this great pale blue and was inspired by Cheeto's post. Next to it was a blue glitter/shimmer that I'm sure would look great on top of it! On my way back to picking up the glitters, I find a great plum color that I decided I had to have since I'm on a plum kick lately. So, I go back and actually grab the glitters - a holo, a gold glitter that would look great on my current mani, a shimmer... only to find a red glitter! It reminded me very much of China Glaze - Ruby Red Pumps and I've been drooling over that polish since I first saw it, so again, I had to have it! (I will try and get Cheeto to allow me to borrow her RRP so I can do a comparison.)

Anyway, before I knew it, here's what I purchased:



I'm impatient and since I can't swatch at work, this is my surrogate swatching until I can.

Now that you have an insight into my thoughts, I suppose I must go. I need to work work work to support this addiction!!


(PS I realized I'm an idiot and didn't notice the "add a link" button at the top of the post editor -- whoops.)

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  1. hahahahhaha I love it!! so... that is my EXACT experience online! And it sucks because I always add more and more and more to my cart until I reach 50 bucks and im like.. okayyy that enough for this month! But then the next month I'm back over at 8ty8beauty or transdesign again adding more and more. I don't think I'll be happy until I own the entireeee China Glaze collection.