Holy Ahoy!

Haha, oh man... Cheeto and her auto-correct are so funny. Seriously, she makes me laugh so much every single day.

Anyway, that's quite fitting since the reasoning for this post is just to voice my disbelief that A) today is the first day of autumn and B) there's only 99 days left in 2010!! This year is really flying by -- before you know it, it'll be Christmas! We are in DOUBLE DIGITS! Obviously, I'm floored by this. My favorite month (October)is coming up, though, so I'm quite excited! Also, it's the first day of autumn. AUTUMN. I wish it FELT like autumn -- it's currently 93 degrees! I love autumn, I love the cool crisp air that is perfect for a tshirt & jeans and sometimes a light hoodie. Unfortunately we only get those days maybe three times a year. *sigh*

Today many people were born -- a couple of good friends and my uncle! My friend CGB (who is a hoot, she's so crazy but so sweet) whose birthday is today brought up a good point yesterday -- people born around this time of September are actually Christmas presents. Yup! Conceived on/right around Christmas. She's clearly quite proud of this revelation, haha. I find it humorous, myself, except for when I think about Nana conceiving for Christmas and then I just get the jeebies.

No NOTD for me today -- I'm still *gasp* wearing Ruby Pumps! I don't care how much tipwear I get or that I messed up a couple of nails when they were still wet, I LOVE THIS POLISH. I'm sad, I know... but I'm also lazy. ;)


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