Today is going to be very busy before I even get to work! I have an important phone call @ 11:15, then I have to run to the bank, go to Walgreens, then Ulta. At Walgreens I'm looking to see if they have the Milani HD collection... I may have to check out CVS because I'm not actually sure if I've ever seen Milani there. Hmm. I was wanting to get the HD collection before the summer even began, but never did. Lately, Glammed-up has been posting manis with polishes from the collection and it rekindled my need. There's Grand Opening events at the new Ulta by my work (like I need one by my work AND home) and my friend is actually working there! She's giving me the inside scoop and word on the street is that they are giving away free samples today -- holla!

Off to do all of that & then work! Phew! Will report my findings!


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