New (old) Photos!

Alright, I took the time to go over pictures I had still on my phone and the desktop and came up with a crop of photos that I never posted from May. So, here it goes:

China Glaze - Yellow Polka Dot Bikini with the rest of the China Glaze Poolside Collection; Kiwi Coolada, Towel Boy Toy, Flip Flop Fantasy & Pool Party for the Konadicure. For this, I used plate m29. As you can tell, I've had some issues applying the Konad to my nails. I have short nail beds and they're rounded, so it's hard to figure out how exactly to place the Konad. I'm getting better, but it's trial and error. As far as the color of YPDB, this isn't as neon as it is in real life, but it's a decent depiction. I have a major issue with accurately photographing neons,

China Glaze - Pool Party with Orly - Liquid Vinyl for the Konadicure. Again, I used plate m29. Clearly, I had a mini obsession with that plate. These pictures show exactly what I hate about neons -- they peel off/chip quite quickly. Usually I don't have time or would forget to take photos (especially outside), so I'd either take them after it'd been a couple of days, or right after I put the polish on and still had color on my fingers instead of just my nails. This color looks awesome, but it looks more pink-red than pure hot pink. Again with the whole neon thing.

Something I learned that seems to work really well with neons for me is if I use a base coat, a coat of white then then neons. At that point I can use a top coat or leave it matte, and my wear time extends greatly. It's definitely a more grueling process, but it's definitely worth it when it comes to wear time.

I also want to make a sidenote and apologize yet again for the terrible quality of my pictures. My digital camera broke right after I figured out to use the macros function to take awesome pictures. Therefore, I've been stuck with my Palm Pre camera for the fast four or five months. I've used the sharpen tool on my photo editing program to highlight the details of the picture, so it may alter the actual color of the polish. I digress...

These are my very special IKEA Tampa One Year Anniversary nails. They are Sally Hansen HD - Blu & China Glaze - Yellow Polka Dot Bikini for the tips. I was very rushed when I did this mani, and I ended up with so many coats of polish, it was unbelievable. I absolutely adore Sally Hansen HD - Blu, but it's so shear it takes a million coats for it to be opaque. I used N.Y.C. - French White Tip underneath HD-Blu to make it opaque quicker, but it didn't work as well as I had hoped. I used a top coat between the layers of HD-Blu & CG - YPDB, but the colors still seemed to seep together so that the yellow looked more like a light lime color. I figure if I had waited much longer for the first step to dry completely, maybe I wouldn't have had this problem. Guess I won't know until I do something like this again.

This is one of my newest to my collection - Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Deep Purple. I adore this color!! After realizing I had only one purple polish, I went on a mission and fell in love with this color. There was a plum shade that I'd like to get as well, I'm finding myself really becoming partial to plum. The first picture isn't really an accurate depiction, but I loved the color and would like to find a polish that color.

China Glaze - Yellow Polka Dot Bikini with Wet N Wild - Black Creme & Wet N Wild Mega Last - Infatuation. These are for P's birthday -- they're her favorite colors and she loves skulls (plate m28). What I love about WNW - Infatuation is that not only do you get the red color, it's a red shimmer when it's less opaque -- and I love shimmery/sparkly/glittery anything.

These are my PRIDE nails from June. Unfortunately I never made it out to the parade, but I was showing my support with my nails all weekend! China Glaze - Towel Boy Toy, China Glaze - Kiwi Coolada, China Glaze - Yellow Polka Dot, China Glaze - Sun Worshipper & Wet N Wild Mega Last - Infatuation.

This is an example of using white polish under a neon as a base -- N.Y.C. - French White Tip, China Glaze - Towel Boy Toy & Hot Topic blue glitter.

Thissssss is what brought my swatching to a screeching hault. While in the shower, somehow I took a knick out of my nail with my razor. It didn't hurt as much as I had expected, nor did it take as long to grow out as expected, but it caused me to cut down all of my nails for them to grow out together. I'm pretty OCD and HATE when things are uneven. Ever since, I've been picking my cuticles because they've been dry and I've always been a picker -- I can't leave things alone. I've gotten back to cutting the loose skin around my nails/fingers in lieu of picking so they won't bleed and scab, and I'm back to moisturizing my nails and cuticles, so everything's much better. I plan on polishing my nails tomorrow at work, and I'm excited! =)

Glad to be back! Stay tuned. =)


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  1. Yay!!!! Youre back! Hopefully for good! Damn you had a lot of pictures to post. And as much as I love your phone - I really hope a new camera is at the top of your christmas list. lol. I'm super excited. And yeah - we absolutely have to have a polish party and then we can post all the pics on our blogs! yayyyy we have blogs! we're so 2005.