New Polishes!

I went to Walgreens and I was right, they don't carry Milani. Bummer, but probably a good thing. Why? Because I picked up seven new other polishes!

(no flash & flash)
L-R Sinful Colors - Secret Admirer, See You Soon, Mercury Rising, Courtney Orange, & This Is It; Del Sol - Rock Star & Ruby Slipper.

I had already figured I'd pick up the Sinful Colors Colors of Darkness collection, so the first three are from that. (They didn't have the full collection today and I already own What's Your Name? from years ago, so I'll just go back in a couple weeks.) Courtney Orange is from the Haunted collection, and I do like how it's a dark orange, but the main reason I had to get should be quite obvious to those who know me personally. ;) I loveeee this yellow, it's different, so i hope it lives up to what I want it to be.

What I'm most excited about is Del Sol -- they're new at my Walgreens and they have a big display case. I happened to walk by and the lady behind the counter showed me Ruby Slippers and I had. to. have. it. They are polishes that change color in the sun & they're 2/$10 so of course I had to pick up a second! After a lot of debate, I ended up with Rock Star because I really want something that has a lot of contrast (the color of the hibiscus on the bottle is the color it turns in the sun). I've heard mixed reviews on these, but I had to try them for myself. I can't wait to put these on!

Sadly, I'm at work & there is no sun outside. It's a gloomy day here in Florida. Saddd. I'll definitely try them out this weekend though! Guess I'll get back to work. Later, gator.



  1. hahahaha. I love the fact that we both share this polish addiction. I'm pretty sure youre the only person who would understand the neeeeeed to buy something on sale after it is pointed out to you by the saleslady. Because that happens to me all the time. lol. Holy Ahoy!

  2. By the way, I couldn't possibly want a polish more than I want Essie Jelly Apple after seeing it posted on Polish or Perish on your little side thingy God dammit!