NOTD; Franken!

Rock on, Florida, rock on.

This is one of my favorite polishes EVER -- Nicole by OPI - Show You Care. It's a great dark, vampy purple that has some shimmer in the sunlight. I bought it after I saw Jenny Garth's character, Valerie, on What I Like About You sporting a gorgeous dark purple. I immediately found this color and have been in love ever since.

For an added shimmer, I added Sally Hansen - Diamonds over it. I thought I'd be IN LOVE with this, but I wasn't. I didn't get the sparkle and shimmer I expected. It may be because I did this sloppily (I added the shimmer in the car before work) and also because I didn't have a top coat. I'll give it another try, so we'll see.

We hardly had any sun ALLLLL day, but then it came out for the sunset!!! Grrr... but at least it was gorgeous!

I was hoping to be able to fit all of this (L)in that (R), but the drawers aren't tall enough! =( My polishes def don't fit nicely in my container anymore, observe:

This is my new bottle of Icing - Matte Top Coat. I loveeeeeeee it! I've been doing a lot of random experimenting and it's so fun! It really can spice up your mani -- especially when you need it to last just a day or two longer but you want something different. Thank you, Cheeto, for picking it up!!

My first frankens ever! Cheeto brought me her huge container of holo glitter and I put it in a bottle of NYC - Clear Topcoat. (94 cents!!!!! Can't beat it. I'll always use NYC for anything that I'm going to franken -- if you mess up, you only spent 94 cents!) I loveeeeeeeee it. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I don't know how I lived without it. It's AH-MAZ-INGGGGG! Then I got antsy to make more, so I took some glitter from my arts and crafts bins and put them into clear polishes that I didn't use/like anymore. In the INM bottle I added green glitter with some of Ulta - Limelight; In the base coat bottle I added yellow glitter and Ulta - Sun-Sational ; & in the top coat bottle I added purple glitter and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Deep Purple. So far I like them, I haven't used them, but I put them on a piece of paper towel (as you can see). I can't wait to do more frankens!!


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  1. hahaha. my thats a lot of polishes for a little tiny bin. haha. it's inevitable that you move to something bigger. and then you can fill that to the brim! That is exactly what i did. lol.

    fabulous frankens!! i wish the sun were out so that i could swatch those crappy bottles and franken some stuff too!