Hello all! I know I've been slacking on posting a bit, and I'm sorry! I did soooo many swatches on Monday, I felt fulfilled, but then Cheeto so nicely reminded me that just because I swatched, doesn't mean that I can go without updating at all! So here I am, with my NOTD for the past three (yup! 3!) days -- China Glaze - Ruby Pumps. I'm so madly in love with this polish that I also have it as my pedi! I did three coats, though it really only needs two. I just added a third because I wanted even more red sparkle!

These pictures DO NOT do this polish justice -- AT ALL! =( Here's a video trying to capture it's beauty & sparkle... (please ignore my seemingly crazy fingers that are high on crack, I was apparently REALLY trying to show all of the crazy sparkle! Haha)

Told you!

Remember on September NINTH when I posted this post about my pedi? I was going to follow up on how long my pedi would last. Well, it was painted on the 9th, and I removed it on the 20th. There's a bit of tipwear, but it really could have lasted a week or two longer! I only wrecked my experiment because I had to have Ruby Pumps on instead.

Hope this helps you, Cheeto! ;)

This weekend I hope to finish my swatching and get all of these pictures edited then I can post-post-post awayyyyyyy!


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