Swatching Saturday...

... sadly became Errands Saturday. I didn't get home until after the sun had started it's descent, which is probably for the best, anyway, since my camera sucks. I took out my digital camera to see if maybe it magically fixed itself, but nope -- it doesn't want to stay on. =( The lens won't even go in. *sigh* RIP Samsung, you were great to me.

I'm still going to have P look at it just incase, but I'm pretty sure it's dead forever.

Does anyone have the Sinful Colors - Colors of Darkness collection?? I saw it at Walgreens the other day, and I wasn't sure if it was worth it. I know they're only $2, but I'm really disappointed by What's Your Name? because the glitter just doesn't show through.

I didn't change my mani yet... it's the the cruise one that I actually did on Thursday - yikes! After my long day I didn't feel like doing anything, but I put a coat of Wet N Wild Glow In The Dark on my nails. I'll write a review once I've worn it and see how well it works. For now, though, I must say that it dried in no time, which I love.

I shall leave you with a video clip of my kitten that makes me laugh hysterically every single time I watch it.


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  1. hahahahhaha oh pool lily. that is awesome though. best video ever.