Ulta + B&BW haul; First sponge mani!

P & I went to Ulta AND Bath & Body Works today -- not good times for our wallets, but we are very excited! Hurrah for sales!

Cheeto came over yesterday and taught me how to do the awesome sponge manis she does! I loveee how they look on her, I did quite a crummy job. P said it reminded her of the 70's haha. The first two are plain sponge mani, the last is with my newly frankened holo top coat! My thumb has my new Icing - Matte Top Coat on it as well. (I reallllly wish you could see the magic in my photos! Just know it's there.) I loveee the matte top coat & alsoooooo I LOVE MY FRANKENED HOLO TOP COAT. Ahh! Thank you, Cheetoooo!

Oh -- this is done with Hard Candy - Frenzy & Ulta - Sun-Sational.

I thought my other stash pics and franken pics posted, but they didn't. =( I'll have to upload them with my NOTD photos tonight when I get home.

Until then

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  1. Yay!!! a post!!! woo hoo!!!

    and yay for Ulta hauls! They really do make life grand.

    I don't think you did a bad job at all on your sponge mani!! It's awesome. It would have been more awesome with some stripies though. but I know, I know.. 'professionalism' and all that junk.

    Yay for frankened holo top coats. It is surprisingly not that shiny tho, so I'll have to bring the glitter over again and we'll add some more to it.

    The Ulta polish is Sun-sational. hehe. and Hard Candy Frenzy.

    and yayyyy if you post again tonight! :)

    This was a post of yays