brilliantdreamer is a bad blogger.

I'm so sorry I've been such a horrible blogger! I've been dying to post my pictures of my NOTD that I've had on for the last three days, but the first day I somehow lost the videos, and then yesterday I worked 11 hours so I got home and zonked out and here I am at work again. I'm hoping tonight I'll be able to get it all done so that I can start editing all of my swatches! I need to finish swatching, too. Wow! So much to do! I hope I can get caught up. I just wish my laptop was an actual laptop -- the backlight on the monitor went out and therefore it can only be hooked to a monitor. =( It seems like everything electronic crapped out on me! Ayeee, I'm hoping to even get a cheapo laptop and camera soon.

I've still been reading everyone's blogs! (even though you don't read mine, haha!) I should start commenting more, but I'm almost embarrassed about my blog because the pictures are so crummy. I've discovered many many more blogs, so most of my time has been spent catching up on the new people I'm following.

Hope to see you tonight, dear bloggers, with pictures/videos of this fabulous mani!


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