Del Sol - Rock Star

Hello! Today I bring you another Del Sol polish - Rock Star. (Hey, they were on sale 2/$10 -- of course I had to get two!) This one I'm a bit disappointed about as far as the color changing effects. After analyzing, I think it MAY change a bit in the base to a lighter teal, but no where near the effect Ruby Slippers had. It looks just like any other polish looks in the sun -- brighter. Even though the color changing effects aren't superb, I absolutely LOVE this color blue! It's so gorgeous and pure with the hint of sparkle, I can't get enough. Just like my other post, this is picture/video heavy! (This is four coats)

See the color of the hibiscus/the color on top of the bottle? THAT'S what I thought it would look like in the sun... silly me!

Outside... see how it kind of looks teal in the base?

See how cute Jenna Bella is? I couldn't crop her out of this one!

Indoors - Natural light.

Indoors - no natural lighting/flash.

Indoors - no natural lighting/no flash. See how absolutely GORG the color is, though?

"Color Changing" -- Direct Sunlight

Indoors/Natural light.

Indoors/No natural light.

All in all, the price wasn't bad since it was on sale. ($5... though not on sale $7.99 or on walgreens.com $10) If it weren't on sale and I purchased this for what it claims to do, I would be utterly disappointed. Thankfully, I loveee the color that it is, regardless, and I currently don't have any other shades like it. This hasn't deterred me from the brand, yet, since Ruby Slippers was so amazing. It just prompts me to check each polish with the UV light they have at the sales counter to make sure what I'm getting truly will have the results I expect.

M should be here shortly, so I must go! I'm still editing pics, so I hope to have a post out tonight for you all!


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