Del Sol - Ruby Slippers

Finally, my post of the ever wonderful Del Sol - Ruby Slippers. I am IN LOVE with this polish. I love the deep contrast, and how quickly it turns. Plus it's so SPARKLY! No matter where you are or what color it is, it's sparkly city! Since it's hard to really capture the pure amazingness of this polish, I have three videos to accompany the mere two mani pictures I took.

The main reason for these photos (besides the bottle photos) is to show how different the polish can be. If not all of the nails are in the sun, the color can vary -- which I thought was pretty cool!

Indoors -- look at the sparkliness!

Natural light.

Sunlight -- from silver to hot pink in twenty seconds (!) flat. Look at the fabulousness!!!!

My only disappointment with this polish is that it turns more of a hot pink than red (which you'd expect from something with the word "ruby" in it's name). I saw on someone else's blog (I wish I could remember who's) where they had the same polish but it actually turned ruby red! All of the ones in the store that I saw had the label look more pink than red. Wear time is alright... I wore it for three days, but my whole primary hand index finger was chipped and I had to redo it. It dries hard so it's susceptibal to chipping easily. I didn't use a top coat, which I will next time, but I wasn't sure if it would hinder the color changing process. I did use a base coat, and this was 5 coats of polish to make it opaque. Opacity is far greater when it's hot pink, though.

Off to edit more photos so that I can be a posting fiend!


Edit: I lied!! While editing other photos, I found more pictures!! This post has suddenly become picture heavy, as well, because I was trying to capture the beauty:

Phew! Now off to more editing!


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  1. YAY!! You posted! It looks fabulous!!
    And I love picture heavy posts. As if you couldn't tell by my incessant picture heavy posts. lol.

    And thanks for catching that whole Mr. Wong thing. lol. What the fuck was I thinking?