Sally Hansen - Glossy

Hello, Hello! Today I bring to you Sally Hansen - Glossy. I got it on clearance at Ulta and thought it was AMAZING! An extremely dark, vampy red. Well, come to find out, it's a black base with red shimmer. Still, I thought, man this is beautiful! Outside, it is. It's gorgeous and everything I could ever hope for. And get this -- this is ONE coat! It should probably have two just for extra coverage, but I left this at one coat so you can see how opaque it is. Plus it's a thin formula so it dries quickly. You just have to watch out for it pooling because it seems no matter how much you think you've wiped off, there seems to be more polish flowing from never never land. In the one natural light picture, it looks like it's just a nice black polish. Indoors, it looks murky, kind of brown, and dull! Even in the light inside there isn't even the slightest hint of red shimmer! I was so disappointed! This is definitely a polish to wear if you plan on being outdoors all day, but otherwise, this really isn't pretty. (I now know why it was on clearance and why Dr. Frankenpolish uses it a lot to franken.)

Even though no one commented, I got feedback directly that the preference for my pictures is for the larger, further away ones because they come out clearer. Let me know how you like them! Sorry for the weird background things that occur! Haha.

See how pretty?! *Wah* I wish it was always like this! (I've noticed my thumb is notorious for twitching... but I've noticed it's the one that always shows the best of what I'm trying to convey!)

Au revoir!

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