Swatching Specifics

Before I begin posting my swatches, I wanted to give you the background information into my swatches so that I don't have to explain it every post and bore those of you who have read most of the posts.

All of the following are in every single swatch post unless otherwise specified:

1) I use no base or top coats for swatches.
2) My left hand has two coats polish.
3) My right hand is to show the layering effects of the polish. For this I use NYC - French White Tip & Wet n Wild - Black Creme for bases. I use one coat per base and one coat of the swatching polish. Also, the colors alternate from pinky to pointer - white, black, white, black.
4) I rate each polish for their "Konadability" and for each polish I use Konad image plate m28 (the skull) to determine said Konadability.

Please note, most swatch posts will be picture heavy and some will have a video or two as well.

There you have it, now prepare for my soon-to-come first round of swatches: Blacks, Whites & Greys!



  1. I am anxiously awaiting some swatches, lady!!

  2. Haha, I know. I suck, I'm sorry. I'll have them between tonight and tomorrow. Prom!