French Tip

I decided to do a simple mani the other day, but of course I had to jazz it up a bit.

This is Confetti - Glass Slipper for the base coat, NYC - French White Tip with Sally Hansen Diamond Strength - Diamonds over it.

Please ignore the condition of the mani, this was day 3 right before I removed the polish -- I kept forgetting to take pictures!



Happy St Patty's Day!

I can't believe it's been a year since I posted my search for the pot o' gold. My mani for last year's St Patrick's Day is featured here.

I went with the same sort of theme (hey, I spent a lot of time searching for this stuff last year!) but I did a spin on it. For the tips, I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Going Green, NYC - Love Letters (French Manicure) [of course], with Nicole by OPI - Honey-Dew You Love Me?, and NYC - White Lights Glitter for added glitter. Also, this year I used Konad to apply my french tips, so it's not as gloopy and uneven as it was previously.

Each heart on my pointer - pinky fingers is in a different direction to show the sides of a four-leaf clover, then my thumb has four together to make a clove, with a green rhinestone in the middle. I really love it. I just wish that Love Letters wouldn't dry weird by my cuticle and then chips off. I'm still learning the ropes on that one.

Flash -- before the enhancements.


Sunlight again.


Close-up of the thumb detail.

That's all for today! Hope everyone is having a fun and safe St Patty's Day!!




Hey guys... here's GOOD pictures!! =) (Thank you, Cheeto!) So here's my NOTD for today... It's NYC - Cashmere Creme with NYC - Scandalous Blue Glitter over it. Then, for the tip it's China Glaze - Frostbite with China Glaze - Dorothy Who? over it. I know that there are some imperfections -- I'm still learning to Konad, but I'm actually pretty proud of how it turned out since this is only the second time I've ever Konaded with the french tip one.





5 months!

It's almost five months to the day since I last posted *gasp*. For a couple of months after I stopped blogging I was working two jobs -- about 14 hours a day. Once I got down to one job, I tried to catch up for lost time. I finally got a new computer (hurrah! hurrah!) and Cheeto was kind enough to pass on her old camera to me until I get a new one... so another HURRAH for that! I look over my old pictures and stuff and am super embarrassed to look at them!! I'm just going to have to reswatch everything... sigh.

Currently, P isn't working so I can't really swatch as it gives her a migrane and I can't do that do her. =( I have been doing some NOTDs so maybe I'll start posting them until I get a chance to reswatch.

ALSO I'm pretty bummed that I finally signed on and all of my blogs that I'm following have been REMOVED!!!! *shakes fist*

See you soon! *mwah*


**EDIT:** I'm excited to say that when I went back to my homepage, everyone was back! Yay! I take back my fist shaking, blogger. < 3