Christmas Mani

This is before I had Cheeto's camera, and I just had my mom's camera that has a flash that's too bright. Sadly, this is an issue for many of the photos you will see in these Spam Postings.

Anyway, this is my Christmas Mani -- Finger Paints - Mistletoe Mischief with Milani - Gems over it. I was on a mission to find China Glaze - Party Hearty, but of course everyone was sold out. I never purchase polishes online, because I know I will spend wayyyyy more than I already overspend in the store. I was actually very happy to find Milani - Gems at CVS. I was just wandering and stumbled upon it; it was the only one left. It's great for any time of the year -- not just Christmas.

Again, please forgive the photos.

Merry Christmas in April! =)


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