Dollar Tree = Love

On the same day that I met up with my friend Jane and she gave me Hard Candy - Beetle, I went to Dollar Tree for a few items. I went to see if they had any good polishes... lo' and behold, they had quite a few Cover Girl polishes in two packs. TWO PACKS. $1 - 2 polishes. Awesome! I immediately fell in love with, and had to have Cover Girl Ice Slicks - Anti-Freeze. The color with it is Midnight Forest which looks like a dupe for Ulta Salon Formula - Jaded. I need to compare the two.. I actually have quite a few polishes I need to take out and compare, but that will be another day.

I love that they came in a package, but Midnight Forest has random purple polish all over it. I was going to remove it, but have left it for character.

Nature flew into my car during lunch! It was so pretty -- too bad it died so quickly. =(


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