Nighty night

I actually got inspiration for my current mani from the night gown I wore this weekend. (Yes, weekend. I was lazy!)


IRL, it's much brighter. I love the look and the colors. Coral is one of my favoriteeee colors.

My nails look good in person, but in these pictures it really magnifies that flaws!! So sad, because this is an absolutely adorable mani!! The polish is so thick because I put two coats of white to use as a base because I was originally going to marble my nails. First, water marble, but then I decided that was too time consuming and tape wasteful, so then I was going to do it how I did before -- with a toothpick on the nail. Sadly, the black made the other colors look muddy and dirty, so I went with my second option: french konadicure. I forgot I had plate m56 with the flowers for a french tip, so it worked out perfectly! I really do love this, I couldn't take it off after just one day, so it will live another!


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