One of my favorite polishes EVER

I know I've said it quite a few times, but I can't say enough about how much I adore Nicole by OPI - Show You Care. It's the polish I found when I was on the hunt for a deep purple polish after I saw Jennie Garth's character, Valerie, wear that shade on What I Like About You. It's a perfect color, and I will wear it year round even though I try and reserve super dark polishes for autumn/winter.

I wish I was able to take pictures of my nails under the water, the purple really showed through and it was... magical. I will try to remember to take my camera the next time I have this polish on and go to the pool.

This was the last of my spam postings! I just took this polish off yesterday, I'm letting my nails breathe and they just chip in the chlorine anyway. I took Friday off to have an extra day with P and we're spending the weekend at the pool. I'm also off Wednesday for our anniversary, so we'll be at the pool Wednesday and Saturday, before going to my 'rents for Easter. Ahh, the perks of living in Florida.

Have a good weekend, all!


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